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Whether you have teeth that are damaged from decay or if you lost teeth due to trauma, implant dentistry can help you put your smile back together. As an implant dentist in Waldorf, MD, Christian Johnson has been repairing smiles for years, using safe and reliable techniques that are vetted by the general dentistry community. Get back your smile and your confidence with dental implants!

What is Dental Implant?

Dental implants are metal frames fused to the jaw bone underneath the gums. They are allowed to ‘osseointegrate’, which means they become part of the bone. Once installed, a dentist can affix an artificial tooth (or teeth) to the implant. It will then function as your normal teeth would. Ordinary dentures and bridges tend to be uncomfortable and shift around in the mouth with various activities. On the other hand, bridges and artificial mounted to implants are stationary.

The strength of the implant is dependent on the health of the gums. If long-term oral hygiene is maintained, the implant can last a lifetime. Surgeons at the department of dentistry have extensive experience having installed dental implants. Here at Polo Dental we give affordable and quality dental implant.

Our Happy Patients

Competent, courteous, and fairly priced service. I was in on time, out with a better mouthful of teeth, and covered by my insurance. No unexpected charges, nice people, solid dentistry and, in my case, periodontics. Refreshing to be able to give a provider 5 stars.

Michael Petit Google Review

The practice was prompt and respectful of my time and my appointment. Treatment was professional and very fairly priced. These words are coming from someone who rarely if ever has kind words to say for a dental practice. Love this dentist.

Davidi Kornfeld Google Review

Hygienist Maria in west palm beach was knowledgeable and gentle with my clean. The best experience I have ever had in a dental chair. Thank you Kayla the office manager for matching my appointment with my difficult schedule

Nicanda Gordon Google Review

Dr.Steven Gronn and his staff are the best. I brought my 3 yr old with me and his front desk staff took really great care of my son. She even gave him her phone to watch coco melon when his tablet died. Dr.Steven is quick, efficient. I love polo dental.

Samantha Sigler Google Review
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